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Q&A: Opioids crisis is backdrop to new play about Betty Ford

by Lilia Sommer (2018-07-12)

Almost all breast malignancies are first detected by the women themselves. Detection of breast cancer in the early stages, when it is localized, is of paramount importance, because if treated early, the disease can be cured completely. Hence, the importance of self examination tratamiento de ojeras en Marbella of the breasts, monthly, eliminar manchas en reduccion de parpados sin cirugia Marbella Marbella as routine healthy habit, to be practiced by all women above the age of 20 years should be emphasized. It should be performed at about the same time every month, just after the monthly period, when breast is least likely to be nodular. You must look for any changes since the last time the breasts were examined.

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The former U.S. first lady, who died in 2011, established drug and alcohol treatment centers credited with helping generations of celebrities and ordinary Americans alike overcome addiction. She also was a leading advocate for breast cancer awareness.

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Rafferty: I've completely fallen in love with the documentary theater genre. I really believe in its power to tell stories through the words of the people who lived those stories. I knew the best way to tell Betty Ford's story would be verbatim - in the words of Betty herself as well as in the words of people who wrote to her.

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Rafferty: It's no coincidence. I was inspired by Betty Ford's lifelong commitment to women and women's health issues. She talked a lot about how women weren't getting proper care because the treatment culture was geared toward men. Theater at the organizational level is male-dominated. I wanted to empower women.

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Start by sitting or standing in front of a mirror, with arms relaxed at the sides. Look for a change in the size of the shape of the breast, puckering or dimpling of the skin, and any discharge form or change in, the nipple.
Next, look for exactly the same things, after raising both arms over the head

Rafferty: We were visiting my son at the University of Michigan and came across the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library in Ann Arbor. The library told me Betty got 50,000 letters of support when she opened up about battling breast cancer. I'm a survivor myself. When I saw some of those letters, the documentary play wrote itself.

Rafferty: I'm hoping to bring it to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, which this year is celebrating the centennial of Betty Ford's birth. And I hope to bring it to New York City for benefits for addiction and breast cancer research and treatment.

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