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NYC designates Coney Island boardwalk a Scenic Landmark

by Blondell Ranking (2018-07-08)

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"Coney Island's boardwalk is a timeless treasure," said Parks Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver. "With its rich history, I am confident that with this designation, it will stand and serve this city and its visitors for hundreds of years to come."

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It delivers summer fun-seekers not only to the beach but to such amusements as The Wonder Wheel, landmarked in 1989; the Cyclone roller coaster, landmarked in 1988; and the Parachute Jump, brought from the New York World's Fair and landmarked eliminar manchas Marbella in 1989.

Among the other schemes being backed by the RHS, supported by Chelsea Flower Show sponsors M&G Investments, are a corridor of colour along a busy a road in Manchester, a revamped West Yorkshire railway station and a community garden in Sunderland.

The designation protects the basic footprint of the boardwalk, which has undergone numerous changes over the years, mostly in response to its environment alongside the Atlantic Ocean. Some sections are now concrete, some are wood and still others are recycled plastic, according to New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission spokeswoman Zodet Negron.

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